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Dayton Ditch & Drainage specializes in installing dry wells to redirect pooling water away from low-lying areas near your home. If you are a homeowner who is concerned about the effect pooling water is having on your home, please contact us today.

Dry Wells Protect Dayton, Ohio Homes From Pooling Water

If you are experiencing pooling water near your home or within your landscape it’s possible that your soil is not well-suited to draining excess water quickly enough. Considering the amount of rainfall Southwestern Ohio experiences each year, it’s important to make sure this excess water does not damage your home’s foundation.

While extending your home’s downspouts can help distance the pooling water away from your home, it may not be enough to stop water damage from occurring. Installing a dry well within your landscaping can offer a permanent solution to your water drainage issues and offer protection from the heaviest rainfalls.

Are You Experiencing Pooling Water in Your Lawn Following Rainfall?

If water is pooling within your yard following a rainfall it’s certain the soil is not draining water quickly enough to keep up with the elements. Lawns that are frequently exposed to pooling water will be more difficult to maintain and can appear unsightly. Having a dry well installed within your lawn can help facilitate quicker water drainage. Dayton Ditch & Drainage is an experienced and trusted installer of dry wells and will quickly be able to assess whether or not your home would benefit from a dry well installation.

When it comes to determining the perfect amount of water for your lawn, there is no substitute for an experienced landscaping professional. At Dayton Ditch & Drainage, we possess the knowledge and experience to solve your irrigation challenges and help your lawns look their best.

Are You Considering Installing a Dry Well Yourself?

In some circumstances, it is possible to install a dry well yourself, though there are certain risks a homeowner should be aware of before starting the project:

  1. Heavy trenching equipment may be necessary. This equipment often requires prior experience and can lead to serious injury or death if used improperly.
  2. Hiring an expert to install your home's underground downspout reduces the risk of puncturing vital plumping or cutting buried electrical lines. Accidentally puncturing vital plumping or cutting buried electrical lines can exponentially increase the cost of your DIY project.

If you need help with your home’s drainage systems and would like to talk about our no-obligation quotes, please contact us today by calling (937) 545-9050 or by submitting a message. Our team is available to discuss your drainage needs and schedule an in-person evaluation of your home’s property.

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