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Dayton Ditch & Drainage specializes in exterior trenching for the purpose of installing residential drainage solutions. If you are a homeowner who is concerned about the effect of water on your home's foundation or landscape, please contact us today.

Exterior Trenching Can Provide Your Lawn and Home Relief From Excess Water

The concrete foundation of your home is perhaps the most important part to keep safe from excessive water damage. To resolve the issue of improper drainage, exterior trenching can be completed near the foundation or further in the landscaping. To achieve the best results, protecting your most valuable investment from devastating repair bills, it is important to hire an experienced contractor with decades of experience completing exterior trenches.

Reasons For Having Exterior Trenching Completed:

  • Preparing for the installation of a complex drainage system, such as a french drain.
  • Installing a drainage system for low-lying areas in your landscaping, such as an in-ground drainage system.
  • Trenching an area near your home's foundation for the installation of a Sump Pump.

The examples listed above are just a few of the reasons why exterior trenching would need to be completed. If you are considering having exterior trenching completed at your home, please consider contacting our team of experienced professionals. We provide exceptional customer service and have decades of experience with trenching equipment.

Ever Consider "Could I Dig The Trench For My Home's Drainage System?"

Residential exterior trenching is a task that requires experience operating heavy machinery near or at your home's foundation. Putting aside the risk of injury or seriously damaging your home, it is usually best to have a professional complete the work. Doing so greatly reduces the risk that the DIY system will fail and lead to substantial water damage of your home's foundation.

If you need help with your home’s drainage systems and would like to talk about our no-obligation quotes, please contact us today by calling (937) 545-9050 or by submitting a message. Our team is available to discuss your drainage needs and schedule an in-person evaluation of your home’s property.

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